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ab!play [str] Plays music in the channel that you are in ab!play unforgettable
ab!pause Pauses current song ab!pause
ab!resume Continues playing paused song ab!resume
ab!skip Play's the next song in the queue ab!skip
ab!clr [n] Clears [n] messages from the channel that you used the command in ab!clr 10
ab!ping Pong! ab!ping
ab!define [str] Returns definition of [str] ab!define logang
ab!meme Sends a random (and nice) meme ab!meme
ab!guilds Returns the number of guilds the bot is in ab!guilds
ab!doge Sends a random picture of a shiba inu ab!doge
ab!stopvote Stops the vote that you created with ab!pollc ab!stopvote
ab!fact Sends a random fact ab!fact
poll: [str] Creates a poll with [str] poll: Discord or Skype?
ab!addpollperm Makes only people with the role that the bot created be able to create polls ab!addpollperm
ab!rempollperm Now everyone can create polls!!! :D ab!rempollperm
ab!pollc Makes an interactive poll. Confused? ab!pollc
ab!help Help is on your way! ab!help
ab!cp Sends you the title of the song that is currently playing ab!cp
ab!penis NSFW An accurate measurement of someone's penis ab!penis @Aeka#4864
ab!boobs NSFW Sends a random picture of boobs ab!boobs
ab!ass NSFW Sends a random picture of an ass ab!ass
ab!women NSFW Sends a random picture of a women ab!women
ab!dick NSFW Sends a random picture of a penis ab!dick
ab!pgif NSFW Sends a random pornographic gif ab!pgif
ab!lewd NSFW Sends a random lewd picture ab!lewd
ab!quote Sends a famous quote ab!quote
ab!cat Sends a random picture of a cat. Meowwwww. ab!cat
ab!userinfo [@user] Shows information about [@user] ab!userinfo @Aeka#4864
ab!roll Rolls a random number between 1 and 100 ab!roll
ab!flip Flips the coin! ab!flip
ab!say [str] Makes the bot say [str] in the text channel ab!say AekaBot is a pretty good bot
ab!avatar [@user] Sends [@user]'s avatar (defaults to author) ab!avatar @Aeka#4864

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